2021 Artist Lineup

1/16 Soggy Po Boys

1/23 Green Heron  

1/30 Rick Rude

2/06 STL GLD  

2/13 Jim Dozet Band

2/20 Jazzputin  

2/27 Young Frontier

3/06 Earth Kit  

3/13 Sojoy

3/20 River Sister

3/27 Dan Blakeslee & The Calabash Club

Soggy Po Boys

Show Date Jan 16, 2021

Part of the beauty of New Orleans music is that it's celebrated and appreciated wherever it goes, from the street to the theater. The Po' Boys are doing their part to spread the greatest music on earth around their home in New England. The Soggy Po' Boys serve their jazz messy, mixing brass-fueled mayhem with spirituals, Meters-style old-school funk, and the Caribbean side of the New Orleans tradition.



Green Heron

Show Date Jan 23, 2021

The music of Green Heron stretches across the entire folk landscape. Old-time, folk, bluegrass, country, Irish and blues music are all represented as the band brings the back porch to the stage. Featuring Betsy Heron (formerly Green) on fiddle, banjo and vocals, and Scott Heron on guitar, banjo and vocals, the duo has been sharing New England stages together since 2016. The two songwriters weave the contemporary with the traditional and deliver high energy performances.



"We are really excited to be part of this series. We've been dreading the oncoming winter as it means an end to live music for us and a lot of folks we know and love, and we can't wait to get a little light from each of the performances as they air. Thanks a lot, guys!"

- Betsy and Scott, Green Heron

Rick Rude

Show Date Jan 30, 2021

Out of speakers came noise and out of noise came RICK RUDE. A five-membered creature whose tattered robe, four-string guitar, and sand-filled shoes are surrounded by a haze of sweet smoke and empty beer cans, thrashes about with a charismatic enthusiasm matched only by its lethargic demeanor, speaking fluently in the cryptic languages of dreams, love, and ennui. It inhabits a dark cave on the mountainside of truth, carefully furnished with dismantled electronics, books on meditation, and warped records of Guided By Voices, Built to Spill, and Cheap Trick. A nocturnal creature, Rick Rude feasts on mystical fungi, boredom, mushy guitar riffs, and the delicacy of the human soul.



"It was a blast and a privilege to get to play music again and record for Winter Warmer in such a special setting. I'm looking forward to getting to see the videos blossom and come out, especially during such a difficult time for music and live performance (and life in general). Thanks to Mike, Nick and Amanda for all of the work that you put in and thank you to Marty for welcoming us into your beautiful space!"

- Jordan Holtz, Rick Rude


Show Date Feb 6th, 2021

On the surface, STL GLD are a Hip Hop band. However, through captivating performances, STL GLD continually push beyond the traditions of Hip Hop with genre bending compositions



Jim Dozet

Show Date Feb 13th, 2021

The Jim Dozet Band performs an eclectic mix of Americana and Roots Music. The group is comprised of Jim Dozet on guitar and vocals, Nick Phaneuf on bass and vocals, and Pj Donahue on drums. Taking influence from such acts as The Wood Brothers, Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, and Justin Townes Earle, The Jim Dozet Band delivers a consistently engaging live show packed with rich vocal harmonies and churning grooves.


"What a gift the winter warmer series is. I love to see how we are all creatively coming together to keep the music light burning. I’m so grateful."

-PJ Donahue, River Sister, Jim Dozet


Show Date Feb 20th, 2021

Jazzputin is an uncanny and at times diabolical combination of genius half wits, raised in families of jazz, hillbilly music, old timey this and thats, and a good chunk o' church music. And sometimes Cyndi Lauper, Primus. Cypress Hill and FRRRREEEEEEEE IMPROVISATION????! We hope Jazzputin appeals to the sentimental (semi-mental), freewheeling, tune whistling hobo in all of us.


Young Frontier

Show Date Feb 27, 2021

Young Frontier is an original Americana band from Southern Maine and Boston, MA. Formed in 2015 by guitarist singer/songwriter Joe Young; mandolinist and electric guitarist Dan King; and cellist Bethany Weiman. Pulling influences from Folk, Rock, and Country, the band has tailored their signature sound: alternating gritty and glassy instrumentals, tight harmonies, and Joe’s honest and powerful voice.



Earth Kit

Show Date March 6th, 2021

Jesse Dold and Sean Daniels are the New England rock duo called EarthKit. One band. Two guys. A lot of sound.


We are honored to be rocking EarthKit alongside all of these incredible musical talents. The Winter Warmer music series will not disappoint. Look forward to an eclectic string of concerts that include everything from rap to rock to jazz to folk...and everything in between. We are psyched to be involved, and can’t wait to watch all the other performances.

- Jesse Dold, Earthkit


Show Date March 13th, 2020

Sojoy is an award-winning Seacoast NH-based modern jazz ensemble that performs the music of drummer and composer Jonny Peiffer. Since its founding in 2014, the group has recorded and released three full-length albums and one EP. Of the most recent release Ambistellar, Filipe Freitas of Jazz Trail wrote, "together, they cram a melange of styles into a coherent whole, with the players toggling effortlessly between the composed and the improvised worlds." The current lineup is pared down a bit with Zach Lange (tpt) and Barry Saunders (multi-reeds) in the horn section, Mike Effenberger on Fender Rhodes, and Scott Kiefner on bass.



We are grateful to have been a part of this project. The number of gigs the band has played this year can be counted on one hand, and the coming months don't look like they will augment that number at all. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to play these tunes with these guys, the best around, and that it all happened in one of the coolest venues anywhere.

- Jonny Peiffer, Sojoy

River Sister

Show Date March 20th, 2020

"Vocal harmonies that’ll make you blush with a rhythm section that adds a moving, colorful crush,” commented EDGE magazine when listing River Sister in one of its best-of-the-year lists. Vocalists Stefanie Guzikowski and Elissa Margolin deliver a sultry, silky blend alongside the addictive grooves of bassist Nate Therrien and drummer PJ Donahue. Indeed, the regional press notes, “the combination of these pieces makes for a fresh, cathartic addition to the indie-folk cannon.”



"I'm so looking forward to this entire series. May these sounds melt icy hearts, simmer good spirits and sustain community when we need it most."

- Elissa Margolin, River Sister

Dan Blakeslee & The Calabash Club

Show Date March 27th, 2021

With a suitcase of songs, Maine folk troubadour Dan Blakeslee ventured into the subways of Boston in 1995 to practice his craft. His songs of true life adventures combine the essence of early folk music with a dose of country grit. His band The Calabash Club provide an audible framework and twangy hooks to Blakeslee's bluesy saloon anthems. Nick Phaneuf (bass) and Jim Rudolf (drums) are loyally synchronized, and their tasteful approach to rhythm provides a solid structure inside of which Mike Effenberger (organ, accordion) adds an emotional and timeless quality to Blakeslee’s songs. They release a full length Christmas album called "Christmasland Jubilee" on November 24, 2020.